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The food of Singapore, what a treat!!!!!    The rich mixture of cultures produces an
amazing variety of dishes,...From Chinese, Malay,Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan, Thai
and western....spoilt for choice!
Singapore "CHILLI CRAB"
The singnature Singapore dish, "CHILLI CRAB"  This is a hot one, messy to eat, but what an
adventure!. Don't wear white!

This is one of Glen's favorite meals!   Can't you tell?
With sailing friends at Ubin
Seafood, indulging on the Chilli
Crab, washed down with plenty
of wine and beer!
The ladies indulging in the Divine Club, and Henry enjoying sushi at one the many brunches
that the hotels provide on the weekends.. this taken at the Ritz Carlton
Newton Circus Hawker stalls. If you can't find the food you
want here, you can't find it anywhere. Tiger beer, the local brew
is a great accompaniment to the spicy selection!
Laksa - a Malay favourite
Steam Bun Factory
A walk on East Coast Road (close to home) with numerous  eating
establishments and shops. What's hanging over GT's head?
The famous :Chicken Satay,
being cooked at Lau Pasat. On
the weekends the street is
blocked off, and there are
about 10 stalls cooking a
variety of Satays; Chicken,
Mutton and Beef.

Mom and Glenys getting ready
to duel with the Chicken Satays!
The local hawker stall. She has been in busines for 19
years, and only changed the  menu 14 years ago!   They
make great carrot cake
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