Photos for Journal  25-Of SHIPS, STORMS AND PIRATES  
The scenery leaving Langkawi is
lovely and even gets better north
towards Phuket. We enjoyed the
sights for a couple of hours before
the sun set.
OK, so it was not all hard work. We did have time to enjoy ourselves. Glen found a great spot on the aft deck
to relax, while Henry is checking the course with the hand held GPS
"JUNK" floating int he Straits.  It is an unpleasant sight........ some of these
white styrene boxes may have been fish-trap markers.
There is a huge amount of boat and ship traffic in the Straits. Small photo
shows 11 boats ( I know it is hard to see). There usually is a combination of large
freighters, coastal vessels, and fishing boats of all types.  For the most part,
the fishing boats are lit up at night
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Location and Sail Plan