Photos for journal  24-THE DREAM TEAM IN THAILAND
Welcome to Phang Na Bay
Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.....
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It just doesn't get any better than this--Life is good !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friends Dave and Sherry (my tattoo
buddy), whom we met crossing the Pacific.
Dave is now working in Phuket.
What do you
do with a
drunken sailor?
A full house at Kevan and Sheila's
with friends Bob and Betty from
Singapore, who also participated in
the race with their boat "Simba"
The crew of Rusalka celebrating a
Third Prize win at  the final Regatta
party......after many Tiger beers, and
numerous bottles of
Taking in the fantastic views of Nai Harn bay  while enjoying cheap beers.
Compared to Singapore, a draft ale in Thailand is $ 1.25 U.S. verses $ 4.50
US.  Drink up, for tomorrow the price will rise!
This is Nai Harn bay were Rusalka is
anchored for the sailing season.
Off to the races!!!
The views are  spectacular, while Kevan and Jimmy figure out the optimum race route
We spent quite a bit of time enjoying the scenery, given the winds were very calm, and not much sail trimming was required....
The elegant vessel Sylvia. She was built in the early 1900's from wood.  She
is a graceful and spectacular sight.  Note some of the crew out on the bow
Yes, the scenery is idyllic, and Glen and Sheila are certainly enjoying the view.  What is this on the right????
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The ever-present fishing boats: you
have to be constantly on the lookou
Location and Sail Plan