Journal 23-SINGAPORE – Tales from the Equatorial Zone
View from the balcony.   Bataan,
and Ocean
Thanks to Google Earth, a birds eye view. Click on the photos to
make them larger
Part of the war
memorial at Kent

Singapore, as seen
from Kent Ridge.
Another Birthday
celebrated with friends at
the condo.

How many years ago did we
have the big celebration in

Who keeps track anymore.
cannot do in Singapore. If you get
caught, there is a fine for every Yes,
there are way to many things one
infraction one can think of.   Only $
500.00 fine for spitting in public!!!
The beautiful Arab street, with it's numerous colorful shops, and the
spectacular Mosque. What a sharp contrast with the "Pancake" Building

The two festivals that occur in
October; Deepavali and Hari Raya

There are lots of decorations,
food and people. All of Singapore
enjoys  the ethnic holidays;
The delicate art of
temporary tattooing the
hands of the Indian women.
It only lasts about a week.
The artist are very careful,
and the results speak for
themselves !

The colorful shops, that are
set up for the festival are
Langkawi, Malaysia-the land of 100 islands
The spectacular gondola ride to the top, along with the visitor center. Notice the look on GLenys
face. She has completed 12,000 miles across the Pacific, but get her up to 2100 ft...........well,that
is another story.  She could not wait to get down the mountain. On the way down, we had a couple
in the gondola, and she was as scared as Glenys was.....the guys just talked and looked out.
The beautiful Pelangi Beach resort. We had dinner on the waterfront.........a memorable meal in the sand. The grounds are
manicured to perfection, and the staff is superb!!!
The picturesque Telega Marina.
Glenys checking her purchases
while drinking a cold Tiger Beer

Glenys not sure about the monkeys
intention..............you have to watch
them carefully
The beach and Sunset at Light House restauran.t
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