Phtos for Journal 22-Waltzing Matilda
Singapore and Bangkok
Brightly coloured "birds" at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park
and Bangkok's market.
Everything's for sale in Bangkok... t-shirts in the alley, dentures
under the bridge (right).... and, the never ending traffic jam!
The Boys and the Girls in
Bangkok, brunching at the
The Girls, wining and dining at
Singapore's East
Coast Seafood - GT with the famous
Chilli Crab
Perth city at the dusk of Australia Day - January 26th - crazy Aussies having fun by the Swan River
before the fireworks...
Sailing race from Rockingham to Fremantlel
Yacht racing, off "Freo" with
Peter & Bev of s/v Illusion.  
Note, our view was always from
behind the fleet!!
Scarborough- Brisbane, Aus.
Our "back-yard" in Scarborough
Marina, Moreton Bay,
Queensland, taken from the stern
of DreamCatcher.
Left, wonderful
Spanish times with
Kurt on guitar, having
just cooked Paella on
board neighbouring
s/v "Nicole" at
Scarborough Marina.
Above & below, wonderful late summer afternoons
picnicing on Moreton Bay
Brisbane, a modern river-fronted city, showing contemporary and classic architecture and a laid-back
view of life.  Green  & sub-tropical, it's a great place to hang out.
School Outing - all the kids here
wear hats - "no hat, no play"
Creative water features
abound in the city.......
Long term cruiser, Swede, Nils, poses aboard his beloved  19 foot "Peter Pan"... preparing for the crossing
south of Australia to South Africa.  GT looks on and notes his 1 dozen onions (starboard side, ready for
stowing).... we carried 4 doz onions across the Pacific!
Art!  Above, lovely limited edition prints from
Noumea,  a tapa Nautilus shell from Fiji, and from
the big island downunder, an Aboriginal print
called "Ocean Dreaming"
all enhance DreamCatcher's below-decks decor.
The gen-set (generator)
equivalent of a root canal!
Boat Project!!!  A long overdue, longed-for
we traditionalise the fore-peak with
Tasmanian Oak, stained to Teak to match
the rest of the boat. The vertical grey
sections on each side will be filled with
art when we find the right pieces.
Note:  Chief Carpenter, Henry sans
FAmily and friends in the States
Family in California:
above, Henry with Brother Rene & sister in law, Sue.  Centre & right "the kids".... Daughter
Lara with husband Brandon & daughter Alyssa and right, son Eric with partner Nutan
This is what happens after you drink 2 of
Jill's famous Martinis....................
The pony tail is gone!!!!!   Getting ready for the corporate world
Hope you enjoy the photos and journals. Let us know your impressions. You can
email us at: dreamcatchervoyage@yahoo.com

Henry and Glenys
Location and Sail Plan
"Rotto" or Rottnest, named so by the Dutch explorers,
who thought the cuddly Quokkas, above, were rats!!!
Thus named Rats' Nest.... or Rottnest (in Dutch)... it's
a relaxed, beachy, boaty island that we enjoyed with
Paul & Sarah, old friends from Singapore (left)

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Listen to the Morton Bay
Song. Morton Bay is
significant in Australian
History, due to the convict
ships that arrived there.