Photos for Journal -18 Kingdom of Tonga
Approaching Tonga, rugged up against the cool dawn.  Right, the
cruising and charter communities moored in Niefu.
Our great
catch, a
Dorado, just
before Tonga
from deck to
dish in a flash!
From fish to dish!
What a treat for some really
fresh Dorado.....kept us in fish
for a number of meals
Left, Cathedral, and street scene in the township of Niefu.
Above, fun at The Mermaid with Sven and the crews from Vagabond
Blues and Flocerfita.
Moored at the Ark Gallery, a floating, artsy shack, complete with
salty feline "Castaway" who always rode the bow of the dinghy......
Beautiful tapa art from the
ladies of Tonga
A Feast for the eyes as well as the tummy!  A superb layout of
traditional island food, deliverd on plaited banana leaves and
enjoyed by the yachties on a beach near our anchorage.
Kava - that dish-water-like
ceremonial drink, prepared during
the feast and drunk afterwards
to the accompaniment of the
traditional South Pacific ukelele
Celebration time: 10 years of marriage for Irene and Duncan of s/v "Moose" (above
right) followed by a fun dinner at the only Spanish restaurant in the South Pacific! (and
the only restaurant on this side of the island).
The Tongan market
was a colourful mix
of fruit, vegetables
and handcraf
Traditional pandana belts and skirts
worn by both men and women in
Tonga.  Left, fresh vegies at the
Tonga waterfront market.
An amazing seafood feast at the
Dancing Rooster, with fun
friends from the cruising
The Kids of Tonga
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