Photos for Journal 17-South Cooks Aitutaki and Palmerston
Aitutaki, Cook Is.
Approaching Aitutaki in a grey dawn and coming face to face with the monthly supply ship & barges, preventing us from entering the
channel and commiting us to anchoring out for nearly a week -  close the reef, and eventually with our anchor stuck on it! But a wonderful
view of the channel and reef fisherman, plus, 2 friendly giant sea turtles.
Island night on the Aitutaki
Palmerston, and the Marsters
Edward Marsters ferries us in after securing DreamCatcher to the sole mooring buoy..... again, a sparkling opalescent lagoon.
Family photo: Sunday dinner with the Marsters....Edward, wife Shirley and brother Simon.... Edward's two
"Main Street", Palmerston.  Foot traffic only, there are no vehicles here, not even a bicycle.   Above,
the official immigration signing in with Simon, acting Island Secretary.
Above right: the original Marsters homestead, now weather worn but still strong.
Beautiful, crystal clear acqua lagoon - centre photo, DreamCatcher can be seen alone just outside the reef.
Kid time!  Tom viewing the
visitors book that the Marstens
have built up from visiting
yachties - we're in there now!
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The oldest church in the South
motus or islets that surround the
Aitutaki lagoon, voted the most
beautiful in the world by
international airline pilots - we