Photos for Journal 16 - More Society Islands
Huahini, Raiatea and Bora Bora
Huahini, Society Is.
Scenes from in and around Fare, the main village on Huahini.  The pretty building is the post office and
the friendly cat from the adjacent coffee shop.
Scenes from our anchorage in the circular lagoon, Huahine.  We were only one of two
boats, the other being our friends on Puppeteer.  Islander, Philipe, showed us the
abandoned resort and kept the beach pristine
Probably the prettiest Post
Office we've ever seen!
Palm groves on a small island in the Huahine
Henry's favourite (!) task.....rebuilding
ships' head..... the "HeadMaster"!!
Raiatea, Society Is.
Above, leaving Huahine behind, Raiatea bound...... shopping expedition in the back of a locals' truck, kids, groceries & all!
Raiatea's waterfront was elegant and we passed some time with the
local Hinano brew.   To the left, the awesome outline of Bora Bora,
as seen from the deck of DreamCatcher each evening.
Bora Bora,
Street and beachfront scenes from Bora Bora, near the BBYC and "downtown".....once again, fruit drips
off the trees.
Traditionally clad ladies selling fruit.....gosh, another Hinano!!
Right: the BBYC and famous Bloody Mary's - sand floor, cold drinks &
great atmosphere.
Below, small island adjacent to
our lovely anchorage in BB.
The lovely s/v "Laura Bruce",
sprit-on. Right: the high-tech
rigged yacht "Convergence"
belonging to CEO of West
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