Photos for Journal 14 -Tuamotus Ahe and Rangiroa
Scenes from the Ahe idyllic anchorage.

.....and in the evening, a campfire under the stars.
Ahe "Pearl Barter Experience", Pearls, girls ??!!!!!!!"
An amazing afternoon trading shirts, sarongs, batteries for the beautiful black pearls harvested from the Ahe lagoon
Rangiroa Atoll, Tuomotu's
Children of Ahe and Rangiroa
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Anchored off the Kia Ora resort hotel in the lovely Rangiroa lagoon
Children on Dreamcatcher. Wow, what fun keeping 8 kids in tow !.
They were all very well behaved and  enjoyed the candy we gave
them.  The main event was a ride on Dreamcatcher's tender.... It is
amazing how well the kids know where all the coral heads are. They
drove the boat for over an hour, and had a ball.
Rangiroa scenes: the 5-star dinghy dock,
the sparkling aqua water, the stunning
Having fun on a land expedition with our
tri-car (electric toothbrush on wheels!!)