Photos for Journal 13-Ua Puo and Nuka Hiva, Marquesas
A lovely sunset heralds the
start of DreamCatcher's
passage from the delightful
Tahuata to Ua Pou
The beautiful spires at Ua Puo as seen from the anchorage
Nuka Hiva
Taiohae Bay
The anchorage where
Dreamcatcher spent 7 weeks
Typical housing on the island.   Most of the homes are kit homes sent
by ship from Tahiti and are painted with bright colours
Glen by the canon that
overlooks the bay: six
Frenchmen are buried below
the canon, legacy of an early
confrontation with the

The dingy dock, where at
times there were over 12
dinks-what a challenge to
retrieve the boat!
The local coffee shop and early(5:00 a.m. Saturday) fresh produce
Huub (Dutchman) celebrating his birthday with fellow cruisers at the
 anchorage.... we even had a cake, and plenty of wine and local music!
The beautiful women of Nuku Hiva. The floral head bands were always present at festive occasions.
Marquesan dancing highlights the men - they are
powerful and emotive dancers

Local cruisers enjoying the dance activities
The graceful and delicate dance of the
women - what a contrast to the warlike men !!
Pics at left are all of the north easten
coastline of Nuka Hiva - rugged and
Enjoying a few zzzzzzzzs on the

Cleaning off 6 weeks' growth from the
stern anchor rode..yuk!
Bigger than a
grapefruit, and much
Northern coastal skyline.
The Banyan tree guards the entrance to ancient
temples or marae's, and indicates places of past
Dave & Sherri (s/v Speranza)
enjoying the Bastille Day dance
festivities "downtown" Tiaohae
Northern Nuku Hiva coastline....the Taipevai inlet & village, Herman Melville's monument,
with local  chapel
Cruising couple from Ker-Mor tie the knot, Marquesan style
OUCH !!  Sherri (s/v Speranza) and Henry get their tatoos from the
handsome Bries ................YES, THEY ARE REAL!
The magnificent Daniel's Bay and an enjoyable day with Daniel and Antoinette
Children of Nuka Hiva
I really get upset when you
hold the chicken that way
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Stately Shenandoah at Tiaohae Bay......DreamCatcher center-stage  .....Waterfront Marae, Nuku Hiva
G.T. moments :
Left, from top
Enjoying lunch at Chez Rosalie.
Enoying a Hinano, while keeping
an eye on Dreamcatcher.
Keeping up with e-mail, in the