Photos for Journal 7 -from PUERTA VALLARTA, MEXICO

Bangkok, Thailand
The old palace which has more gold glitter than i have ever seen before. It is very impressive with all
the status which are larger than life size
I don't think  the
locals cook at all.
There are more
street vendors than
you can count, and
the variety  is
immense. It all
smells wonderful,
but did not take a
chance to try the
local street cuisine.
The floating market......what a treat. The whole community lives along the water, and commerce
is carried out by boat. It is fascinating to watch how everyone is very comfortable living on
the water
Perth, Australia
Sailing with Peter outside of
Some of the beautiful coast line
in Western Australia. Some of the
best beaches i have ever seen
Where do you find the roos?  at
the local golf just before sunset
Dinner with Ian and Jill
Another new years eve party with Ian and Jill, and about 50 of their freinds.
GT is getting ready for midnight celebration, and wishing Ian, her very good
friend, a  Happy New Year
My most favorite lady, best friend, partner and lover
We visited the Margaret River Wine area in South West Australia. We stayed in a delightful B&B, and visited numerous
wineries. Most of the wineries had delightful restaurants, and where treated to exquisite luncheons, fantastic wines, and
superb scenery, and get to share it all with Glenys
Perth at night
The bell tower in Perth
Celebrating Australia day, and
waiting for the firework
spectacular to start. The best,
most comprehensive fireworks i
have ever seen
Windmill in Singapore?
Dutch are all over the
Sim Lim Electronics
center, if they do not
have it, it does not exist
Gotham City the locals it. It is the most fantastic wine bar with
wine angel. The decor is way over the top
With good friend Ali, enjoying another
fantastic meal
One of the many food courts, where you get the most
fantastic meals at a reasonable cost. Did we eat??/
Wow, what a meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Participants after their crueling
3 mile walk in the mid afternoon.
A well desserved break
This is the Indian vestival of ---------All the men are
pierced, carry heavy ornaments, or have hooks placed in the
bodies to tow heavy carts. This is to pay for their sins.
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Location and Sail Plan
Loraine, who are
the most gracious
hosts to show me
Bangkok. They
know where al the
good restaurants
are, and we ate our
way partially
through Bangkok.
What else is their
besides Thai food?