Photos for Journal 6 -San Diego to Cabo San Lucaas
Wasting Away in Margarita Ville
Margarita's are trade mark Mexican drink, Now mind you, this has to be the largest margarita we have ever seen, and drank
Did not know, that there was that much liquor in the drink. After the first one, and maybe last one, how do you use the
camera again?  Ready for another?  What do yo do with a drunken sailor, What do yo do with a drunken sailor?
What a welcome for Susan, Grahams wife who came to join us after the end of the rally.
Here is Glen checking out the action below. Wat is this ?Tequila poppers being consumed in a very interesting way. Is GLen
next?  We wont tell!. Henry talking with the "grand puba", about he behavior of the crowd. To no avail, the party continued,
and got worse. What a way to unwind with your fellow cruisers after the rally, and enjoy the beautiful rise of the full moon
If you can't change the behavior of the crowd, join them. So after a couple of major
drinks, we loose touch with reality, and the tattoo artist does her job. After all, it was a
"mermaid tattoo". Luckily, it was only a temporary one, but the ink rubbed off on the
sheets, and other areas. Glen wasn't exactly pleased, but than, "What do you do with a
drunken sailor??"  Bad next morning, and swore would never do it again
Yes Glen, the customer is
always wrong; or is it the
other way around.
Margarita is a normal part of
dinner in this delightful fish
restaurant. Is this all we do; eat
and drink?
Glen, why do you need glasses and
a flash light to see the menu?  
Forgot, this was your birthday
dinner, and just added another
Local artisans selling
their wares on the beach
Glen loves the bright colors of Mexican art.
Luckily, we have limited space on
DREAMCATCHER, so it is window shopping only!
(Poor Glenys)
We spend 2 weeks in Cabo, waiting for an engine part. Leaving the marina to go back to the boat, with Glen driving. It only
took 15 minutes to get back to DREAMCATCHER. Staying in the marina would have cost us $ 110 per night. We opted to stay
at anchor off the beach, save the money, and enjoy a far superior sight.
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