Photos for Journal 5 -San Diego to Cabo San Lucas with Baja Ha Ha Fleet
Fishing from a sailboat is a challenge. Here is Glen cleaning her Blue Fin  Tuna, under
the tutelage of Graham, who is an experienced cruiser fisherman. Now Glen, if you
do it like this.................................................................... Who gets to clean up the mess?????
Here we are the start of the Baja Ha
HA. The fires put a dampener on the
start of the rally. Flying all the
flags;British, Australian and Dutch.
What an international crew. The bit
Boxing kangaroo is from when
Australia participated in the Americas
Dingy landings are alway a challenge.
When you get over 140 boats, where
do yo put all the dinks on the beach?
After an exhausting trip through town,
time for a very cold Corona, the first of
many to come
Checking out the town of Turtle Bay.
All dirt roads, and few people.
The ladies won th rope pull(really?)
Here they are s showing off their
brute strength, and proud of it
Something about boys, and boats.
Here they are making sure that no
one will take them
The cruiser put on a pot-luck; very
impressive considering the limited
resources, and galleys
What a sight!!  All the boats with
chutes flying.
The beauty of a sunset on the ocean
Beautiful weather sailing
down the Baja coast. One of
the few days we could
actually sail
Our final destination with the
HaHa..the rock copings at Cabo San
Lucas, on the very tip of the Baja
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