Photos forJournal 1 - San Francisco to San Diego along the California Coast
Henry, smiling at leaving the
"Gate"...  (thanks, Miss E..)
Glen and her warm outfit ready to go underneath the Gate for the
last time in Dreamcatcher.....................
Our good freinds Jim and Jill surprised
us with the gift of a guitar,including
instructions..... looking forward to
learning to play the guitar
Our dock neighbors from Jack
London Square Marina, Earnie
and Billy for a visit on the way
back from Mexico
GT, still attached to voicemail,  
from beautiful Santa Barbara,
Skipper's position on crew? HORIZONTAL !  
Under way to Catalina, Jack driving
Aussie Christmas cake, Mills &
Wares all the way from Perth,
happily consumed off the Californian
coast in October.
Lovely Catalina Island, as viewed
from Dreamcatcher's aft deck.
GT caught with her pants down
trying to get some sunshine
enroute to Dana Point, California.
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Tomorrow we will set a course,
and sail upon the sea,
To another place,
on my Ship of Dreams.
As long as you're with me.....