About Henry and Glenys
About Glen………..

Glen has been a sailor since her late teens when she first crewed with some university friends out of
Fremantle, Western Australia.  Instantly hooked, she spent much of her time in Perth racing and sailing
after work and on weekends.   After her move to Asia, Glen joined the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and
was an avid participant in weekend cruising and racing, including several China Sea Races (600 nm),
Macau races (50 nm) and general weekend cruises for nearly six years.  This is where she sat her
British Admiralty Masters  ticket.  A move to Singapore in the mid 90’s saw Glen hook up with a fun
group of boaters and she crewed each weekend for four years on boats ranging from 38 to 48 feet.  
This was also the springboard for her participation in five Kings Cup Regattas in Phuket, Thailand (5
days of racing each).   Glen took a year off work in 1996 to cruise through the southern Caribbean and
Venezuela, double-handing aboard a 64 ft traditional wooden Herreshoff schooner.   A move to
California in 1997 triggered more sailing on San Francisco Bay on a variety of boats each weekend and
an 11 day “uphill” delivery of a C&C 38 from San Francisco to Seattle in adverse conditions.  From
here, she also participated in Antigua Race week, both classic and racing, a long held intent.  Glen met
Henry early 2001 and they sailed together weekly for six months before making the long term
commitment to get Dreamcatcher ready to sail across the Pacific from San Francisco to Brisbane,
Australia.  Thus 22 months’ worth of weekends and spare time were spent transforming the vessel into
a blue water cruiser, planning the trip and making it happen.  The Dreamcatcher’s voyage is
documented in Logs 1-21 on this website.

A return to Singapore in 2005 for a great job opportunity allowed us to sail Dreamcatcher in S.E Asia
and to race annually on friends' boats in Malaysia and Thailand.

Glen is a keen amateur meteorologist, oceanographer, dedicated to seamanship and a lover of all
marine things including sea creatures and boats of all types.  She loves cats, writing, good wine, jazz
and is a Jimmy Buffet fan (aka “parrothead”).

In between all this sailing, Glen has managed to fit in a successful
career including a global marketing director role with technology giants, Hewlett Packard & Agilent
Technologies, spanning five countries and AsiaPac Regional Director of consultancy Towers Watson
……………marketing is her professional passion.

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About Henry

Henry was born in Amsterdam Holland, and moved to the USA at the age of 12 with his parents and two
brothers.  Perhaps it is his Dutch heritage which has fueled his interest in boats and sailing.   He lived in
California all his “USA” life with the exception of a short stint in Colorado.  During his early years he did
some sailing on San Francisco Bay with friends in a variety of boats. He left sailing as an activity for
years while bringing up family around the Bay area: Henry has a son and a daughter who now both live
in Santa Cruz, California, with their respective partners and offspring.   During the 80’s & 90’s, Henry
worked for IBM and Oracle, and also has had a career in the print/publishing industry.  

Henry’s been a keen traveller, taking part in group tours to South Africa, Russia, China and Italy with his
“Dutch Tour Buddies”, in addition to frequent trips to Amsterdam.  More recently Henry has
accompanied Glen to her “stomping ground” in Asia: Singapore for her “big birthday bash”, Hong Kong,
Bangkok and has spent happy times in Australia with Glen’s parents & friends.  Right now, he’s an
“Aussie in Training”!

Henry’s interest in sailing & boats was rekindled in the mid 90’s when he found himself single and able
to pursue maritime interests again.  He bought Dreamcatcher (then named Vector) several months
before meeting Glen.  They immediately “hit it off” and made her “their baby”…all 46 feet and 38,000 lbs
of her!   The 12,000 mile voyage from America to Australia is the culmination of a lifetime’s dream for
both of them.
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