I first started sailing while at university in Western Australia and cut my teeth on the Indian Ocean’s windy Fremantle roads.  I’ve sailed all my life,
either day sailing, racing or cruising and have a high degree of maritime competency.  
•        Have raced in 5 Kings Cups and 6 Phang Na Bay regattas (Phuket Thailand).
•         I hold British Admiralty Masters II ticket.
•        Am a lifetime member of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and Muscat Cove Yacht Club.
•        Past member of Changi Sailing Club in Singapore.
•         I write articles on sailing/cruising and have had many published.
1970’S        Zeguina

Others        60 ft sailing ketch
Various        Twilight racing off Fremantle weekly during season on Zeguina. Miscellaneous pleasure sailing and racing on Swan River and off
Fremantle to Rottnest, Seal, Garden and Penguin Islands.
1983-5        ?        40 ft Roberts        Melbourne – Yacht Squadron, sailing & racing in Port Phillip Bay, to Williamstown, weekly during summers.
1985/6        Miscellaneous        35-50 ft        Sydney Harbour while living in Sydney for 2 years: sailed roughly monthly.
1987/8        Zeguina & others        35-60 ft        Back in Perth, sailing Swan River and Fremantle/Rottnest.  Racing and cruising.
Asia        Mach One

Laisee        46 ft MacIntosh
36-55 ft

42’ Jouet        Lived/sailed in Hong Kong for 7 years.  Crewed on numerous boats when skipper of Mach One out of town. Includes 7 Macau races of
47 miles (& return); 3 South China Sea races to Philippines of 650 nm each (& return delivery). Round Hong Kong races and pleasure cruising to HK
Weekend cruising around Hong Kong, eventually bought Laisee and owned her for 18 months prior to moving to Singapore.

1994-1996 Singapore        The Fox
Turmalin        40 Ft Roberts
42 ft X-Yacht
40 ft Delher
53 Caribbean Herreshoff        Weekend sailing and racing around Singapore.  These boats  belonged to good friends and we all engaged in racing
and picnic cruising.
Cruised to Anambas archipelago (150 nm) with Rusalka for 10 days.  Participated in Kings Cup, Thailand on all 4 vessels during the 90’s.
1995        Gem        C&C 38        Uphill delivery from San Francisco to Seattle: 11 days at sea, 1200 miles, with 2 other crew.
1996        Mary Harrigan        64 ft Herreshoff Schooner        Took 14 months off work to live aboard and double hand this gaff rigged schooner, lying
Trinidad.  Short voyages around Trinidad/Tobago islands.  Several passages to Grenada & Carrioucou.  Sailed to Venezuela and cruised its coast
and  Isla de Margarita, Porta la Cruz, Los Testigos, Coche and surrounds.  
California        Miscellaneous

Tacony Palmyra

Neriad        36-56 feet
Spencer 53 ft ketch
56 ft Swan

Cal-346 ketch
Warquiz 40
    I signed up for crew at several San Francisco Bay Yacht Clubs and sailed on several boats weekly during my first two years in the Bay area.  I
“settled” on Cheers for 2 years, Bay cruising.  Then on Dreamcatcher between 2001 & 2003 – Bay sailing.

BaHa Ha Ha – 650 nm race from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico with 3 other crew
2002-2004        Dreamcatcher        Cal-346        Full time live aboard with partner Henry.  Re-furbished the boat to bring her up to circumnavigation
standards.  Participated in BaHaHaHa again in 2003, SD to Mexico.  Lived aboard and sailed in Mexico for 6 months before launching across the
South Pacific: 9 months, 21 islands:

2005        Dreamcatcher        Cal 346        Brisbane Australia, Moreton Bay.  Live aboard and occasional sail to Brisbane River.  Left boat on hard for
1 year while working in Singapore
Singapore        Dreamcatcher        Cal 346        Boat was delivered to Timor by delivery crew.  I joined in Timor and sailed 1700 miles into Singapore,
3 on board.
Singapore        Dreamcatcher



Miscellaneous        Cal 346

Oyster 46

Halberg Rassy 53

46-56 ft        Daysailing and anchoring out around Singapore.  Participated in Ambassador’s Cup race twice.
Annually, Bay Regatta in Phang Na Bay, Krabi Province, Thailand with friends (6 total crew). Always 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. 8 day event.
Raja Muda race (300 miles) up Malacca Straits from Port Klang to Langkawi, including “round the cans” races at each stop. 10 day event.
Sails in/around Singapore on friends’ boats

Asia        Dreamcatcher        Cal 346        3 month live onboard cruise to Langkawi, Phuket and the Andaman Island group (India).  Total 2,500 miles
including up/down Malacca Straits.
Double handing with partner. Recorded on search on DREAMCATCHER

Gleny's Sailing CV