Items that broke during the voyage
We did not break too many items. Here is the list of mishaps

1. Autopilot control unit int he cockpit was not sealed properly at the factory, and water got
behind the LCD screen. This happened half way across the Pacific, and we had to hand
steer The unit was replaced under warranty, and we have not had any problems since that

2. Transistor in the alternator shorted, and we were not able to obtain maximum amps to
charge the Butteries replaced transistor, and everything has worked in since.

3. Repaired heath exchanger in the gen set. We did not use it very much during the
passage, but when the alternator reduced it's capacity, the Gen set helped.

4.Rebuild both heads (of course the worst project on the boat)

5.Removed blockages from the aft holding tank.......don't even want to describe that one!!

6.Rewired the UHF radio directly to the batteries bypassing the breaker on the panel.
Originally did not follow factory instruction very well, and decided to use the pane. Had
some minor electrical problems, but were eliminated after the wiring change.
Location and Sail Plan