Journal 26 - Brisbane to Timor  and eventually Singapore !
Location and Sail Plan


You’ll recall we made a really hard decision to leave our big baby behind on her own in Brisbane (Australia)
while we moved to Singapore.  She was lifted out of the water and hauled across the road to a paddock
whereby she overlooked Moreton Bay for a year, high and dry.  

Having been in Singapore for a year and missing her (she couldn’t passage earlier due to the cyclone
season), we decided to have her delivered here. Thus started a one month long “return to seaworthy” work
schedule which saw Henry in Brisbane for 4 weeks, and Glen for 2.   Reversing all the work to put her into
dry storage took 6 man weeks, and then that was a push.  Bottom painting, adding back cockpit canvas, re-
roving running rigging, bending sails, inflating dinghies, engine oiling & fueling, re-provisioning and a myriad
of other tasks (not to mention the replacement of both heads) saw her bloom back into an ocean cruiser

Months before, we had asked John & Lyn Carter to help bring her up.  We met them during the South Pacific
crossing and were impressed to learn they were in the 7th year of their circumnavigation – experience doesn’
t get much better than that.  They in turn invited their good friends, Marilyn & David to be their crew (Henry &
I being otherwise engaged in work-related stuff).    Thus the four of them departed Brisbane on June 3rd  
with a 2400 mile passage to Darwin, ahead .

What follows is a pictorial log from John, Lyn, David and Marilyn as they brought DreamCatcher north
through the Great Barrier Reef, over the top, across the Gulf of Carpentaria, to Darwin.  They took some
great photos that made us wish that we were there too!

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